Engineering Project Organization Society Doctoral Consortium

Thank you to all who applied for the fifth annual EPOS Doctoral Consortium to be held in conjunction with the Engineering Project Organization Conference

The Doctoral Consortium will be held in conjunction with EPOC 2017, June 5-7, 2017. More information is available on the conference website at

The content of this Doctoral Consortium will focus on providing Ph.D. candidates who are interested in becoming faculty members with information on interviewing for academic jobs, succeeding in an academic career, writing your first grants, preparing for your first classes, and contributing to the growth of the EPOS community. The consortium will be led by a panel of faculty members with proven research, teaching and service records who will address key issues in academic life such as publishing in leading journals, teaching best practices, obtaining funding your research, contributing to the research community, subtleties of the tenure process, as well as networking and research collaboration.

PhD Day Tentative AGENDA

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