Best Paper Award

Recognizes the Best Paper at the Engineering Project Organization Conference each year. The award is voted on by the conference organizers and technical committee.

Past winners

2019 - Jessica Talbot, Cristina Poleacovschi, Sara Hamideh, Carlos Santos Rivera

2017 - Carrie Dossick, Laura Osburn, and Bita Astaneh Asl

2017 - Daniel Hall

2017 - Tripp Shealy, Dalya Ismael, Andreas Hartmann, and Marc van Buiten

2016 - Camilo Benítez-Ávila, Andreas Hartmann, Geert Dewulf

2016 - Aaron Opdyke, Amy Javernick-Will, Matthew Koschmann, Hannah Moench

2015 - Cristina Poleacovschi and Amy Javernick-Will

2014 - Carrie Dossick and Gina Neff

2013 - Donald Lessard, Vivek Sakhrani, and Roger Miller

2012 - Matthew Hallowell, Rayyan Alsamadani, Amy Javernick-Will, Jacinto Cabello

2011 - Andreas Hartmann and Geert Dewulf

2010 - Paul Chinowsky, Carolyn Hayles, Amy Schweikert, Niko Strzepek

PAST winners

2009 - Melissa Di Marco and John E Taylor

2008 - Carrie Dossick