EPOC Conference Series

The Engineering Project Organizations Conference Series (EPOC) is a unique and groundbreaking conference series for the project organization research community. The conferences bring together leading researchers from around the world to exchange research results and future research directions in the area of organization influences on global project issues.   

Bringing together global leaders in the area, the conference formally establishes a sustainable, global community that includes researchers from engineering, management, business, and sociology who are focused on engineering project organization research as a principal field of study.   

Our perspective in this conference series is framed as being broader than project delivery approaches, organization structures and work processes. It includes all of the ways in which the organizations and individuals leading and managing a modern global engineering-construction project must be: entrepreneurial in lining up financing and public support for the project; accountable for economic, environmental and social outcomes of the project, absolutely transparent in their relationships and transactions; and open to meaningful stakeholder engagement with participants, supporters and opponents of the project.   

The presentation format for each session is 3-4 15-minute presentations followed by 30 minutes of open discussion. The extended discussion periods emphasizes knowledge exchange among the participants. The conference format has morning sessions with free afternoons to encourage free-time social and intellectual exchange, followed by invited evening speakers and activities.   

We look forward to your participation.

EPOC 2020

This year's conference is June 22-25 in Vail, Colorado.

Previous Conferences

EPOC 2019 - Vail, CO

EPOC 2018 - Brijuni, Croatia

EPOC 2017 - Lake Tahoe, CA

EPOC 2016 - Seattle, WA

EPOC 2015 - Edinburgh, Scotland

EPOC 2014 - Tabernash, CO

EPOC 2013 - Tabernash, CO

EPOC 2012 - Rheden, the Netherlands

EPOC 2011 - Estes Park, CO

EPOC 2010 - Lake Tahoe, CA

LEAD 2008 and LEAD 2009 - Lake Tahoe, CA

LEAD 2006 - Grand Bahama Island, the Bahamas