Engineering Project Organization Conference 2019 - A Challenge Summit June 25-27 – Vail, CO, USA

About EPOC 2019


In 2019, the Engineering Project Organization Society will host EPOC 2019 from June 25-27 in Vail, Colorado. We aim to make EPOC 2019 a unique conference that will bring together scholars and practitioners from different research traditions including engineering design, project management, innovation, and organizations. Attendees will have the opportunity to present research findings; have in-depth exchanges on emerging research, and network at the highest-level of the academic community. Our shared system-level goal is to further our collective understanding of engineering projects as a form of organizing. In so doing, we aim to advance the debate on organizational mechanisms necessary to design and govern these enterprises, and how and to what extent their performance can be traced back to organizing. 


In 2019 we return to the Grand Challenges established by the community a decade ago and revisited in 2017. We challenge the community to reflect on the role of academic leadership to develop new ideas and solutions to issues that are difficult to solve. Based on the 2017 paper by Sakhrani, Chinowsky, and Taylor that documented the Grand Challenges identified by the EPOS community, EPOC 2019 will organize around the drivers and challenges documented. Click here to read the paper.


With this backdrop, we invite researchers to attend EPOC 2019 and to present papers that address these challenges from the broadest perspective. What do these drivers and challenges mean to you and your research? What are the design, organization, and social science perspectives? How are the drivers going to change the next decade of projects and their associated organizations?

EPOC 2019 will focus on these themes over 2 1/2 days. Each of the sessions within these themes will be limited to 3-4 speakers followed by 30 minutes of open discussion. The extended discussion periods will emphasize the debate and exchange of knowledge and ideas among the participants. The conference format will once again have morning sessions with free afternoons to encourage free time, social and intellectual exchange, followed by invited evening speakers and activities. Submissions that are viewed as relevant and of high quality, but not able to be accommodated within our available sessions, will be grouped into poster sessions.