Call for Papers and PhD Symposium

The EPOC 2020 Conference will be June 22-25, 2020.  The 2020 PhD Symposium will be July 21-22.

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Call for Papers and PhD Symposium

EPOC 2020

Extended Abstracts Due: 22 November 2019 

Sponsored by the Engineering Project Organization Society ( 

EPOC 2020 is a unique event that provides a forum for researchers to present research findings and have in- depth exchanges on emerging research. Our perspective in this conference is broader than project delivery approaches, organization structures and work processes. It includes the multi-faceted organizational and governance challenges facing the managers of modern global engineering and construction project organizations. Today’s leaders and managers must be entrepreneurial in lining up financing and public support for the project; accountable for economic, environmental and social outcomes of the project, transparent in their relationships and transactions; and open to meaningful stakeholder engagement with participants, supporters and opponents of the project. This broad approach to project organization research has always framed the EPOC conferences and continues to frame EPOC 2020. 


EPOC 2020 will incorporate two opportunities for researchers to participate in the conference as follows:
1) Conference-Length Papers. These are intended to be traditional conference papers that are still in the data gathering or exploration stage. Authors are expected to be faculty or doctoral students who are nearly ready to defend. Papers will be 3000 – 5000 words and authors are expected to make a presentation.
2) Full-Length Papers. These are intended to be papers that are nearly ready to submit to a journal. Papers will be no more than 7500 words and authors are expected to make a presentation. 

Different from previous years: 

  • All participants will submit with their full/conference length papers. These papers will be made available on a drive for all registered participants to access. We hope by continuing submission of these papers, the community will receive the feedback that is so valued by this conference.
  • During the submission of the final papers, the corresponding author will be asked to select whether they would like their (a) full/conference- length papers OR (b) extended abstract to be made available online in the conference proceedings. Note- the system will allow the authors to update their extended abstract until the final deadline, after acceptance.
    Authors will retain the copyright but the papers can still be cited as a conference proceedings paper. 

The best papers from the conference will be invited to be included in the Engineering Project Organization Journal. 

Submission Tool: 

Conference Theme– “Disruptive Engineering” 

The conference will start with an opening reception on the evening of June 22nd 

Location: Manor Vail Lodge, Vail, Colorado:

Submission Instructions are be on the conference Website:
November 22nd: Extended abstracts due
Include the following sections in the extended abstract: Research Problem Statement or Purpose, Brief Research Methodology and Approach, Key Findings, and Implications up to 750 words total)

  • January 15th: Extended abstract notification 
  • March 8th: Full or conference length paper due 
  • April 15th: Full or conference length notification 
  • May15th--Final full/conference length paper due.

All Questions regarding submissions can be sent to Kasey Faust ( and Sittimont Kanjanabootra (, who are serving as the Technical Co- Coordinators.

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