Focus Areas

EPOS covers a diverse set of areas related to engineering organizations. These areas are divided into three general categories. However, researchers in related areas are encouraged to participate as EPOS is a developing community and always open to expanding this set of focus areas.

About Us


Project Organization Studies

Covers organizational aspects of project execution. This area is both vertically inclusive from specific project organizations to management organizations in agencies and companies, and horizontally inclusive to include organizations of all sizes. Individuals interested in research and application of research in any area of project organization, both from a business and an engineering or project management perspective are welcome to participate.


Engineering Organization Studies

Focuses on the issues associated with enhancing and developing engineering organizations. This area includes strategic issues, globalization, and operational issues associated with operating an engineering agency or private company. Sociological, management, and engineering issues are all encompassed in this area.


Project Governance

Covers the issues associated with developing and delivering projects, emphasizing the organizational, political, and social aspects of governance. Areas in this focus include the concepts associated with project financing, project delivery mechanisms, as well as the social impact of project delivery. Emerging issues in this area include disaster recovery, public-private partnerships, and global partnering.